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Traffic Improvement Projects Benefit Eastgate Area

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Immediate Release
January 5, 2012

 Traffic Improvement Projects Benefit Eastgate Area

Batavia, Ohio.  Clermont County Engineer Pat Manger recently provided an update concerning local traffic difficulties.  Mr. Manger expects current county road projects to improve travel and believes they will also create a foundation to help ease congestion in the Eastgate area, which will encourage continued economic growth along the State Route 32 corridor.

If you drive through the area frequently, you may have already noticed traffic improvements to the intersection of the Eastgate Mall entrance, Eastgate North Drive, and Eastgate Boulevard.  These changes are a component of the Eastgate North Frontage Road project scheduled for completion next summer.  The road was widened and realigned to improve traffic flow and paves the way - literally - for additional improvements and economic development in the area.

The Engineer’s Office reports beginning in the spring of 2013, significant road work will take place in Eastgate at the I-275/SR 32 interchange, as well as at the Eastgate Boulevard interchange with SR 32. The improvements to these interchanges will ease congestion, improve safety, and eliminate most of the current entering/exiting conflicts that exist today. Mr. Manger stated that new “fly-over” ramps will allow drivers with destinations beyond Eastgate to merge onto SR 32 east of Eastgate Boulevard.  Also in the spring of 2013, Clermont County motorists will see construction begin on the Clough Pike roadway from Mt. Carmel-Tobasco to Glen Este-Withamsville, a new roundabout at Eastgate South Drive, and a road extension at Ivy Pointe.  

If it seems like that’s a lot of work happening in Clermont County, you’re right.  Manger noted, “These improvements were made possible by the work that the Clermont County Transportation Improvement District (CCTID) has done.”  The CCTID works across geographic and political lines to improve the quality of life for Clermont County residents by promoting economic development, improving safety and access to businesses and shopping, and reducing congestion through regional transportation improvements.  Manger said cooperation with ODOT has been an integral part of the CCTID’s success and that more than 80 million dollars of work is under or will be under construction in the Eastgate area.

In addition to regional cooperation, Manger also underscored the deliberate, planned implementation of transportation improvements, reporting that drivers will not be experiencing “random acts of construction,” but planned, coordinated and phased improvements that will make Clermont County roadways safer for everyone. 

For more information about the improvements taking place in the Eastgate area and throughout Clermont County, please visit:


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