ClermontÂ’s Largest Food Pantry Critically Needs Donations

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Kirstin Eismin hands a box of food to a man at the Eastern Area Food Pantry in Batavia

Immediate Release
October 13, 2010


Batavia, Ohio.  Clermont County’s largest provider of food to needy families needs your help.  “We are consistently running out of food to feed the 1,500 people, roughly 400 families that turn to us for assistance each month,” said Kirstin Eismin with the Eastern Area Food Pantry, part of the YWCA community outreach program.  Located at 55 South Fourth Street in Batavia, the pantry has served the community for over 35 years, providing individuals with food, resources, and referrals to help them make it through a difficult time.


“The demand continues to increase and we are struggling to get enough food to meet the need in our community,” said Eismin, surveying several partially-filled shelves at the Batavia pantry.  “We accept food donations, but cash can go a lot further.  A $4 box of cereal you buy at the grocery store can be obtained by us, through our food co-ops, for a fraction of that price.  A $4 donation could purchase 20 boxes of cereal.”


Eismin said that many of those who are asking for assistance today are new to the program.  “They tend to be not only the unemployed, but the under-employed with a family to feed,” she said.  The food pantry is open most weekdays; call for hours of operation at (513) 732-0450.


Pictured above: Kirstin Eismin with the YWCA Eastern Area Food Pantry hands a box of food to a local man at the pantry in Batavia.  Contact the pantry at 732-0450.




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