Assessing Clermont Storm Damage

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storm damage in Moscow, Ohio, March 2012

Immediate Release
March 3, 2012



Batavia, Ohio.  Clermont County building inspectors plan to complete an initial assessment Sunday (March 4, 2012) of homes, buildings and other structures damaged following the violent Friday afternoon storms that caused extensive damage in the southern part of the county and claimed three lives locally.  "Thus far we have determined that many homes on and around Water Street in Moscow are uninhabitable," said Director of the Clermont County Building Department Carl Lamping.  "In addition to Moscow, we're seeing some of the heaviest damage to structures on the south side of Tate Township and the north side of Franklin Township."


Lamping said that it is unbelievable how the storm moved through the county.  "One house in Moscow looks like it was picked up and dropped; another is strewn all over the place," he said.  The new gas station on SR52 is in pieces.  The Moscow post office and administration building are heavily damaged. A nearby brick church has lost its chimney and on SR 133, there are pieces of homes, children's toys, and family memento's scattered across yards and roadways.  Huge trees have been uprooted.


During an afternoon news conference at the New Richmond High School, which is also serving as an emergency shelter for storm victims, Clermont County Commissioner Bob Proud praised the willingness of the community to come together and help each other through this crisis.  "We have been getting numerous calls from people asking to donate to help the victims of this tragic situation," said Proud.  A donation center will be open from noon until 5 p.m. Sunday at the 4-H Hall, located on the Clermont County Fairgrounds in Owensville.  For information on what items are needed, visit the Facebook site  For additional information about donations or serving as a volunteer to help during this recovery situation, call 641-6082.




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