"Beggar's Night" Set in Clermont County

September 25, 2006
News Release

"Beggar's Night" Set in Clermont County

Children wearing fire retardant trick-or-treat costumesBatavia, Ohio. The Clermont County Township Association is recommending that townships across the county set Tuesday, October 31, 2006 from 6-8 p.m. as "Beggar's Night."

The Clermont Department of Public Safety Services, in cooperation with the National Safety Council, has some recommendations to keep your children safe this Halloween. Drivers are urged to keep a close watch for children darting out from behind parked cars.

Parents are encouraged to have their children wear trick-or-treat costumes that are marked "fire retardant." Make sure costumes are not too long; falls are the leading cause of unintentional injuries on Halloween. Costumes should have strips of reflective tape on them to make them more visible to drivers and children should carry flashlights. Put a slip of paper containing their name and address into the pocket of small children in case they get lost.

Children should be reminded to cross the street only at cross walks. They should be reminded not to enter homes or apartments unless they have adult supervision, and they should walk not run from house to house. Trick-or-treaters should travel on sidewalks when at all possible; if there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road, facing traffic.

No candy should be eaten until it is inspected by an adult.


For additional information, contact Clermont County Communications Director Kathy Lehr at (513) 732-7597

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