Union Township Police Chief Scott Gaviglia addresses a town hall meeting of the Opiate Task Force on May 26, 2015. Left, Karen Scherra of the MHRB and Jennifer Biddinger of the Attorney General's Office.

Opiate Task Force pledges more resources for treatment

BATAVIA, Ohio (May 29, 2015) –  The Clermont County Opiate Task Force presented its “Breaking the Cycle” action plan to members of the community at a Town Hall held May 26 at UC Clermont.

“Every group, every income level, every race, every ethnicity has been hit by this in our community,” said Karen Scherra, Executive Director of the Clermont County Mental Health and Recovery Board.

“There are more people who need help than we can manage,” she continued. The epidemic of opiate addiction, particularly heroin, has impacted law enforcement, the courts, hospitals, as well as families who are devastated when a parent or child becomes addicted to heroin.


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