Carly Werring and her horse at 2014 County Fair.

 County Fair snapshot: Carly Werring

OWENSVILLE, Ohio (July 22, 2014) -- Earlier this week we visited the stables at the County Fair and met Carly Werring and her American Paint horse, Rhoda. Rhoda is 7 years old and 15.1 hands. Carly, a sophomore at Batavia High School, has been raising Rhoda for the last 4 years, and is showing her in all the equine competitions at the fair. "She is like my other girls," said Carly, "Sometimes she is grumpy but most of the time she's pretty good." Carly is in the Equine 4-H and lives in Owensville, and has been showing at the fair since she was 5 years old. Good luck, Carly!

Fair schedule here

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